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Veterans Honored at Service
Vietnam veteran Raymond Barger
recalls soldiers’ volunteerism.
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Japan Relief Fund
Grace Brethren International
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Same Sex Marriage
Same-sex "marriage" is a closer
reality in West Virginia than
you may think..
Can an atheist rely on his brain
to give him good reasons for
his atheism?
C.S. Lewis,  did not think so. Lewis converted from atheism to Christianity and wrote extensively about why he found theism to be more rational.
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Mincey Takes New Position
Kevin Mincey Takes Winchester, Va., Pastorate   

Is God Provable?
Over the last century biologists have discovered a world of complex molecular machines in common cells.
2015 Softball Season

RGBC finished 2014 season
10-10 & won 2 playoff games.

Click here for Game Highlights

New Video's and Podcast for RGBC

Thanks to Patrick Lewis, you can now see
and hear Pastor Baker's Sermons online.

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John Lennox: Has Science Buried God?
Oxford Professor and well-known Christian apologist John Lennox gave this presentation at the 2013 Xenos Institute
2014 Team
Articles & Sermons
Mary Retires After 40 Years of Service to RGBC

Congratulations Mary on 40 years of Christian service. You have done
a little bit of everything at Rosemont and many will miss your warm
face sitting in the office each day. Thank you for the example of faithfulness you have set and for showing me a Godly woman who loved Him first and people second. (from Kristen quote)

Our retiring secretary Mary received a nice surprise at our Annual Thanksgiving dinner